PR BI-160 Walking in the shade of txakoli

This itinerary will take us to enjoy the places with the greatest tourist appeal of Busturia:

Atlantic countryside, Txakoli vineyards, marshland, rests of old paths and the Madariaga Tower, Centre for Biodiversity in the Basque Country.

The tour begins in the curve in the limits between Busturia and Sukarrieta, on a small path next to the old restaurant "Ramona".

We start to climb over a cemented path. As soon as we start the ascent we meet with the remains of a Mediaeval road, the best preserved in the whole region. We continue climbing and we find on the left the rests of an ancient lime, then we continue straight on. After about 1000 m. we will go over an asphalt road that leads us to Axpe, going straight on we will leave on our right some ancient structures of Txakoli vineyards. Once the vineyars end, we continue until we reach a small stone bridge.

We cross this bridge to our right to arrive at the church of Santa Maria, passing by its porch to admire its beautiful door and then we go to the Town Hall until we reach the old schools. Before we arrive at the schools we turn right near them and we take a path going in parallel to the main road. Some fir trees will escort us on our right and behind them we can see some lovely Karstic outcrops.

At the following cross, we continue straight on and after leaving a little hut on the left, between an oak and a fig tree, we take a narrow path parallel to an ancient stone wall, leading on an asphalt road taking as to San Bartolome. Then we pass Arriona house, built on the foot of an old quarry, continuing straight on until we reach a cross where we take the path to the right, meeting the nice hermitage of San Bartolome. We leave the hermitage behind to arrive at other cross where we take the path to the left, to continue straight on by the asphalt road enjoying the country side surrounding us, as well as the majestic stone quarry of Altamira, until we reach the church of San Miguel de Altamira. We will continue and turn left to get the main road, then we cross near the bar Crispin.

Once we cross, we go straight and a few meters ahead, next to the retirement home, we take the way on our left. The hermitage of San Cristobal is on the right. Going on the way we took on the left hand, if we look right we will admire beautiful views over the marshland of Urdaibai, passing near the old tower of Madariaga and its clock tower. A few meters ahead we will reach a cross where we take the second way on the right. We'll walk in front of Etxebarri and Etxebarri beheko farmhouse, having a lovely pointed arch. We will turn right in front of the arch and then we take to the right. Near a traffic signal "no left turn" we take a cement walkway that climbs to San Cristobal, near the restaurant "Tenis Pub".

Here we turn right to descen until we take a road on the left, taking us to the railway. After crossing the rails we turn left and pass near the farmhouse Urkiza. We continue straight on this asphalt road to turn left again. After crossing the railway again, we will start to climb until we reach the benches looking to the marsh. Once here we go to the right and go on leaving the beach of San Antonio on our right. We will arrive at a new cross where we go straight until we reach the train station. Here we can cross on the level crossing and turn left to see the ancient "cetareo de Txatxarramendi" or to end our route following behind the station until we reach the bridge leading to the island of Txatxarramendi and there to the starting point.​

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