PR BI-178 the misteries of the marsh

Starting in Forua Roman settlement, this trip will take us by the most important wetland in the Basque Autonomous Community, with a great natural and historical wealth.

Start and end of the route: FORUA
Maximum height difference: 40 m.
Distance: 7 Km.
Aproximate time: 3 h.

This route begins next Forua roman settlement, a place that was occupied by the romans among the I-III centuries AD.

From this little promontory over the banks of the sea inlet, we'll start to walk to Elexalde, where we'll find San Martin church (XVII c) and a beautiful transept. Proceeding forward, after going through the city Council, next to a wall near Biozko country house (XV c), we'll find an arrow that will show us the path to take. In this point we turn right and always following the marks in the PR we'll reach Gaitoka district, wher we'll see the ancient  Txakoli stone trained vineyards, that we'll find on our right. Shortly afterwards, after seeing another curious cruise, we'll turn again to the right to arrive near the Hermitage of Triñe and to enjoy here the beautiful views over the mouth of the sea inlet.

At this point we will leave the asphalt path and turning to the right we will start going down along a path surrounded by pines until we'll reach the railway tracks. We'll cross over the tracks very carefully and after going through a short way of scrubs, we will enter a well conditioned road that turning left and after a nice way near the sea inlet, will take us to its own edge. Once we are here the beautiful sights will follow as from this point, if we take a little path on our left, the route will go on next to the sea inlet arriving this way to the ancient shipping hubs and the brickworks of Murueta. This brickwork house, existing from the XVIth century, they made tiles, bricks and lime. Going on the tour, we'll leave the brickwokrs on our left to follow by a little path in broad marshland and, after seeing in the distance the shipyards of Murueta, we'll find again with the railway tracks.

We will cross again through them carefully to enter a path among pines and get to a local road. In this way we will turn left until we reach a crossroad to turn right here and lead up into the neighbourhood of Goierri.  A neighbourhood where we can't avoid admiring the beautiful farmhouses of Murueta Goiengo and Murueta Torre (XVIIIth c.). From here, and going on among farmhouses, we'll find the church of Santa Maria de Murueta (XIX c.) and we'll go up into recent building chalets to see on the left  the mill of Maiukitza beneath our feet, y a nuestros pies ver el Molino de Maiukitza, in addition to splendid views. We will continue down the country road untill we arrive at a cross near Akurio farmhouse.

Once here we will leave the asphalt paths on the left and the right and we'll take the unpaved road we have right in front of us. We'll cross a little brook and go up into pine woods until we reach a farmhouse on our right. Once we are here we'll enter a tarred road again, turning on the left in this point and, aftear leaving Santiene house on our right, we will go up by a pebble road to a farmhouse. Following as always the marks in the PR, we will go on the country road and we'll reach to a crossroad again, where we'll turn into the right connecting here with the inicial part of the itinerary. Now we have only to go back passing through Biozko and Elexalde farmhouse to the Forua roman settlement, the initial and final point of our tour.

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