What to do

  • Agenda

    Mundaka has a wide programme of cultural, sports and leisure activities aimed at all ages. Consult here all the programmed events.

  • Nature and beaches

    Thanks to its priviledged location, you can enjoy unique swimming areas as well as an exceptional habitat.

  • Special days

    All along the year, a series of traditional events, which you should not miss, take place in Mundaka. Herein we show you the most significant ones.

  • Routes​​

    In the outskirts of Mundaka there are routes which allow you to know the location and its surroundings, at the same time you take pleasure in the nature.

  • What to visit

    Spectacular natural surroundings and a heritage worthy of admiration make of Mundaka an incomparable location, each place of which you can enjoy.

  • Surrondings

    From Mundaka you can carry out trips to the nearby areas and locations which have a great tourist interest.